Introduction To Lokal Capital

Own a slice of the next best local startups

Introduction to Lokal Capital

"Imagine a world where local angel investors are not just bystanders, but active participants in driving transformative innovations in their own communities. A world where the power of venture capital is democratized and accessible to more people to create a thriving ecosystem of innovation and homegrown success stories’’ 

Welcome to Lokal Capital – ‘’A community-based venture capital model designed to enable local angel investors to participate in transformative local innovations and become the catalysts of change in Africa."

We believe localising Venture Capital (VC) brings numerous benefits to both local economies. When investment capital is directed towards local startups, it accelerates the growth of homegrown businesses, fostering innovation and job creation within the community.

By investing locally, angel investors can play an active role in shaping the future of their own communities, supporting entrepreneurs who adequately understand the unique challenges and opportunities of the local economy.

Localised investment also helps the country retain talent and reverse the brain drain that is decimating local economic potential by syphoning intellectual capital to the developed world.

A New Survey of more than 4,500 young people in Africa, aged 18-24, has found that 52% of them are likely to consider emigrating in the next few years, citing economic hardship and education opportunities as the top reasons. This is a sad reality given the immense potential our country and continent at large possess.  Innovation can catalyse economic activity and keep the talent here.

Nairobi is a hotbed of innovation activity and a major player when it comes to tech startup funding on the continent, competing alongside the likes of Cairo, Cape Town and Lagos. Some household startups to come out of Kenya include Twiga Foods, MarketForce, and Copia, to mention a few.

At Lokal Capital, our mission is to empower local angel investors by connecting them to exciting local venture investment opportunities that are accessible and within their reach.

We are localising venture investing

Guided by an ethos of inclusion and empowerment, Lokal Capital’s aim is to give the underserved middle-class investor a platform and access for VC investing.

Traditional venture investing has been reserved for a select few who have access to the right networks and resources, therefore, Lokal Capital presents this unprecedented opportunity for local angel investors to tap in to.

There have been limited resources for local accomplished professionals and entrepreneurs trying to get a slice of the growing VC marketplace. They lack the technical experience required to build a credible pipeline of startup deals, conduct due diligence on them and negotiate contractual terms with founders. 

Lokal Capital is revolutionizing the local investment landscape by creating thriving communities whereby every aspiring local investor has access to exciting venture investment opportunities.

We are giving local angel investors courtside seats to the big game. Removing them from the sidelines and introducing them into the world of venture capital while giving them as much transparency as we can into what we’re doing.

By doing so, we are creating a more equitable and inclusive future that leverages technology and collaborative decision-making while relying on an experienced team to manage our investment portfolio.


‘’...when you talk about challenges or opportunities, be it starting a business or a family – whatever it is you are doing in life can feel so massive and unapproachable. But at the end of the day, the only way is taking the first step. When you put those steps together, is when you start to make progress and build momentum to get you to the next step towards your goal’’ - Matthew Klein

We believe in the power of community, empowerment and inclusion, so let us help you make those steps. Through Lokal Capital, angel investors can make a tangible impact on the startup ecosystem while driving economic growth and social change.

Make an Impact Today!

Are you ready to be a catalyst for change in your community? Join Lokal Capital today and become an active participant in shaping the future of local innovation.

Together, we can unlock the full potential of local entrepreneurs, foster economic growth, and create a thriving ecosystem of success stories. 

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