Our Innovative Approach to Unlock Local Angel Investing

Own a slice of the next best local startups

Our Approach

At Lokal Capital, we believe in harnessing the power of community and potential of local innovation. We have formulated a unique venture capital model that combines the strength of community involvement, a simplified investment structure, and accelerative capital.

Our approach is designed to empower local angel investors to actively participate in driving transformative local innovations, while providing an accessible platform and streamlined investment experience.

With Lokal Capital, investing in local Startups becomes both rewarding and straightforward, fueling the growth of our startup ecosystem and amplifying the impact of your capital on our local economy.

Community-Based Venture Capital Model

A community-based VC model designed to enable local angel investors to participate in the transformation of African innovations. Our community consists of members from all walks of life.

Successful professionals looking for new ways to invest their disposable income, domain-knowledge experts seeking to become owners, experienced and novice angel investors looking for an avenue to participate in startup investing.

Others are entrepreneurs themselves who have received a windfall from previous ventures and now want to plough some of that wealth back into a new business. All these members have a unifying factor: their willingness to take risks with the potential to earn significant returns.

 A community-based venture capital model presents several benefits such as localised expertise, empowerment of African entrepreneurs, network-sharing, cultivation of meaningful relationships with like-minded individuals, job creation and social impact

It plays a pivotal role in nurturing African innovation, driving economic growth while building resilient and prosperous communities. By connecting our clients with each other and fostering collaborative relationships, we are cultivating a supportive ecosystem that will mutually benefit all stakeholders.

Accelerative Capital

At Lokal Capital, we understand that true success extends far beyond financial returns. While traditional venture capital models focus primarily on monetary gains, we take a holistic approach, offering our clients value beyond just money.

We believe in nurturing long-term relationships, availing the necessary tools, providing comprehensive support and smoothening the venture-building process for local founders.

As builders ourselves, we have developed a unique set of tools and capabilities that enables startups to execute their value propositions. 

We have a team of tech Leaders, mentors, advisors and entrepreneurs who provide valuable guidance and insights that help our clients navigate challenges, refine their business strategies and achieve profitability.

In addition, Lokal Capital has designed a set of practical tools, frameworks and all-encompassing growth engine meant to accelerate startups.

a)       GTM Framework - Playbook to help founders set up and execute marketing operations.

b)     Engineering Framework - Structured playbook for developing effective and efficient engineering practices.

c)       GTM Tech Stack - Plug and play go-to-market tech stack.

d)     Data Maturity Framework - Playbook and tools for effective data management.

e)     Learning & Development - Established L&D program that startups can adopt to level up.

f)       Storytelling - Internal capacity and guidelines for effective storytelling.

Choose Lokal Capital and experience the transformative power of a venture investment platform that believes in going beyond just money to help you thrive and make a difference.

Simple Investment Structure

At Lokal Capital, we take a revolutionary approach to venture investing by using a simple investment structure. We understand that traditional investment processes can be complex and intimidating, especially for novice angel investors who may be new to the venture capital landscape.

That's why we have simplified the investment experience, making it accessible and hassle-free. We streamline the process, allowing our angel investors to focus on what truly matters – identifying and supporting innovative local startups.

Our experienced team thoroughly evaluate potential startups, analysing various aspects such as market potential, business model, competitive landscape, team capabilities, and financial projections.

We have reduced the workload and tiresome process of finding the next perfect and profitable investment tailored just for you as our client.

Whether you are a seasoned investor or new to venture capital, Lokal Capital's simple investment process ensures that you can confidently participate in the transformative potential of local startups.

Investing should be a straightforward and rewarding experience for local angel investors and our approach reflects that belief.